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Price is always a key factor when selling a home. The investment in its mortgage, processing fees and other miscellaneous expenses can be quite heavy. It’s ideal to make the money back in the future. 

Some home sellers may not be content with their property’s current resale value. Investments like a new kitchen countertop can boost curb appeal and attract buyers. 

Are Kitchen Countertops a Worthwhile Investment for Home Resale?

Kitchen remodels are one of the most recommended upgrades that home sellers can adopt to boost a property’s curb appeal. Minor upgrades had a resale value of $22,963 in 2023, recouping costs by 85.7%. 

For reference, major kitchen remodels for midrange and upscale homes have a higher resale value, amounting to $32,574 and $48,913 each. However, such projects require more costly investments — as a result, they only recover expenses by 41.8% and 31.7% respectively. A countertop is a simple, more affordable way to change the kitchen and boost property value.

What Types of Kitchen Countertops Add the Most Value to Homes?

You can choose from various types of kitchen countertops. Each one has unique attributes and factors that boost overall resale value. 

The right countertops, such as these timeless white ones, can add value to your home.

1. Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is a popular choice due to its natural beauty and stunning colors.

Granite kitchen countertops are gaining plenty of traction in the home improvement space. They have a reputation for being quite durable, so many homebuyers and prospects would be happy to buy a house with this material. 

Granite’s distinctive appearance shines through a kitchen’s interior design as well. Some slabs look like stones that have merged together. It also complements darker-colored cabinetry. 

Regarding monetary investment, granite prices range from $2,250 to $4,500, depending on size and quality. If you want slabs in a more unconventional color like red or blue, the final figure can also shift quite a bit.

2.Quartz Kitchen Countertops

 Dark shades of quartz add drama to your kitchen.

Quartz kitchen countertops are emerging as one of the more coveted options in modern properties. Compared to granite, they are more unlikely to stain and easier to clean.

Quartz also offers better aesthetics, appearing like crystals. Lighter-colored countertops in white and beige are beautiful, and midnight quartz is popular for dark-themed kitchens. Patterns also come in more varieties.

One con behind quartz countertops is how expensive they are. They average $2,850 but can cost up to $9,200 or so. Extending the countertop and adding trim can showcase the material better, but you will likely spend more on this investment. 

3.Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble countertops offer a practical mix of elegance and heat resistance.

Marble kitchen countertops are quite attractive. Homebuyers enjoy them because they create an elegant ambience for the room. White variations can go well with almost any kitchen interior design.

Marble goes beyond appearances, though. The material has a high heat resistance to withstand the wear and tear of hot plates and pans. It can also reflect light, which is great in a space where complete visibility matters. 

Marble countertops may be the most expensive, as they can go for around $1,200 to $6,000 for an average-sized kitchen. The price can reach $9,000 in rooms with high square footage.  

How Countertop Investments Go Wrong

Butcher-block countertops add a rustic ambience to your kitchen.

Most people get a high return on investment when remodeling and selling a home. However, there are cases where a kitchen countertop can go wrong. You may spend more than necessary due to material choice or delay installation. Here are some tips to avoid such circumstances:

Research and compare: When shopping for different types of kitchen countertops, you don’t have to choose the first option you see. Compare online listings and visit showrooms. You can also read other people’s feedback on a purchase. More insight and contemplation can help you narrow down the ideal material for your remodel. 

Get your funds ready: Kitchen countertops are quite a considerable expense for the material alone. About 83% of renovation project funding comes from cash from savings. Some people use credit cards, but you must remember the interest can chip away at the profit you’ll get from a home resale. 

Verify availability: Public listings don’t always mean the material is available. Check in with the supplier and installation services to determine if they have inventory. This helps you manage your expectations, which is important if you’re on a deadline to fix up your kitchen space. 

Determine your timeline: Get a realistic timeline estimate. Kitchen countertop delivery can take a while, after all. Installation can also take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days, depending on the job’s complexity. 

Commit to a countertop choice: Some home sellers make changes to a kitchen remodel late in the installation, which incurs extra expenses. Instead of being fickle, make sure you pick your preferred choice and commit to it during the project. 

Highlight when marketing: Highlight the kitchen countertop material in property listings when it’s time to sell your home. Take pictures and add descriptive text to attract people who want the appearance and benefits of your chosen material. This extra step can secure a good ROI. 

Invest in Kitchen Countertops

A subtle remodel can boost home resale value. Just remember to check various types of kitchen countertops and pick the right one. Each potential buyer will have their own preference, so you must prepare and market it appropriately.